LoveFound | LoveFound Family
A global network of creative artists and activists collaborating to create new models for sustainable, compassionate, solution-oriented living.
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LoveFound Family

LoveFound Family

The LoveFound Rainbow Warrior Tribe spans across the globe, permeating cultural boundaries, connecting through the ideal that we are protectors of our Mother Earth, which brings us together as ONE.

Rainbow Tribe

The sun rose on a magical new day…
Over the whole earth they came,
The people of every colour,
Sister, Brother, Father, Mother
Traveling over many a land
People of the Rainbow
Children of the Way,
with a fresh glow
Finding their way Star within…
More and more joined,
a song for the soul…
A new way to live,
A new way to see,
It happened this way…
And a new song,
It came from within
If you can find the Star,
Within then you will find…
What is…
What was…
And what will be… you see,
It happened this way…
from within,
The people of the Way
The Rainbow Tribe…

“The Rainbow Warriors will bring us healing energies from the Rainbow. They will teach us more about our own Inner Rainbows, known as our Chakras, and how our Inner Rainbow connects us to the Divine. They will also teach us to not only treat the earth better, but how to treat our bodies better by working with the Earth. They will teach us, as we already know, about the Importance of Fresh Air, Sunlight, Clean Water, and Pure Organic Food. They will also teach us more about Organic Gardening. They will teach us how we can work as a community – as a whole planet – to feed one another so that no one ever has to go hungry again. Many of the Rainbow Warriors will become Herbalists, Energy Healers, Medicine Men & Women, and Organic Farmers.”


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