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Nepal Child Conservation Home

milan-kbl-photoNepal Child Conservation Home (NCCH) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It was started with the common goal of promoting child rights through the welfare activities for children. The organization was officially established on July 25, 2005 in Khusibu-17, Kathmandu. It caters institutional services to approximately 10 children between the ages of 5 and 13.
In late December NCCH received news that their funding from Holt International was being discontinued as of January 1, 2013. For the past five years, Holt International was sending a monthly payment of $550 USD that sustained the orphanage through the children’s education, monthly rent, food and other monthly expenses. This funding is extremely important, and without it these kids may not have an education, or even a home to live in!
LoveFound is looking for support to help NCCH connect with the abundance required to help these children thrive. We believe there is power in the masses, and collectively we intend to ensure these children have the right to a bright future!
If you wish to donate, please specify in your donation that you would like your funds to go to NCCH Orphanage.
Nepal Child Conservation Home was established with the aim to provide a child friendly environment with appropriate insitutional care and adoption. It is mainly aimed to the holistic development of abandoned, orphan, deprived and underprivileged children. It tries to provide basic needs for the children in the home. The home tries to find an appropriate family for every child, mediate all legal procedures and send those children abroad with their new families.
1. To do rearing and caring of abandoned and orphan children and provide them basic needs, education, and health care facilities for their bright future. To recommend the abandoned/orphan children on the basis of enacted law to be adopted by the appropriate families of Nepal and of foreign countries for a better future.
2. To facilitate in providing and creating awareness about Child Health, Education, Protection and Nutrition.NCCH image for site home page
Nepal Child Conservation Home is focused on the promotion of child rights through different activities related to institutional care. The programs and activities are described as follows:
Institutional Care:
• Shelter – The shelter home is a two and half storey building located in Khushibu-17, Kathmandu. The home provides shelter to admitted children.
• Recreational Activities – Nepal Child Conservation Home also cares for the children’s recreation. They have put a child friendly slide in the front yard so that the children can enjoy playing there. It is like a  hanging garden for them because they love to sit on it very much. Besides that they have lots and lots of toys which are sent by foreign parents to the children. The children like playing with their toys very much.
• Nutritional Food – In the shelter home the children are provided with nutritious food for their physical and mental development. They have a flexible menu with the children’s favorite dishes.
• Education – In the day time the children are sent to a nearest school not just for educational and social development but for thier creativity and recreation.
• Medical Assistance – Every month famous pediatrician, Dr. Kulesh Thapa, comes to visit the children. The children explain their own health complaints and the doctor gives them a prescription according to their illness. Besides that, if children get sick and require immediate attention, the caretakers take them to the nearest health centre and do a check up.
• Celebrations – It is a universal fact, children love festivals and celebrations very much. Putting this fact into mind, the organization also celebrates different festivals. Besides the festivals, the children also celebrate their birthdays there.
• Mediation of Adoption Process – As the main aim of the organization is to find appropriate families for children, the team of the organization do all the processes of adoption. They make an individual physical medical and development report of each child, legally release children for adoption, then forward the individual file to the foreign agencies. After finding an appropriate family, they provide an opportunity to introduce the parents with the child and, at last, legally send the child with their new parents in different countries of the world.
• Awareness Classes – Nepal Child Conservation Home is also plannng awareness classes to different schools and institutions about Child Health Protection and Nutrition. This program will help numerous children in getting the privilege of child rights of which they were deprived.
sabina-kbl-photoAreas YOU can be of assistance:
Along with any monetary support, NCCH is always in need of volunteers to come spend time with the children. Volunteers would be very beneficial in helping the children with their schooling, as well as engaging in recreational activities. They require the most assistance helping provide proper nutrition and extracurricular activities for the children’s growth and development.
In the future NCCH hopes to own their own land and building as the biggest expense is rent. LoveFound aims to support NCCH in becoming more sustainable and achieving the means of becoming more self-reliant.
Bol Silwal (Director)
Nepal Child Conservation Home
Khusibu-17, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-01-438455 / 977-01-4254532
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