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A global network of creative artists and activists collaborating to create new models for sustainable, compassionate, solution-oriented living.
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PRASAD in Nepali, means “sweet offering”, which is the truest sense of what we seek to accomplish. When Christopher Gish (founder of Seeds of Change Foundation) shared his idea for a street art project with Priscilla Prasad on New Years Eve 2012 in Nepal, she knew it was her destiny to make this vision a reality. Not only is “Prasad” the blessed surname of her grandfather which was passed down to her; but, she had also just connected to Artlab Life, a group of young Nepali artists who she had teamed up with in December 2012 to create the artistic ambiance for Stargate to Shambhala, a LoveFound Conscious CommUnity Gathering which was held on 12/21/12 in Pokhara, Nepal. By January 2013, we collectively began birthing this art project and introduced our first 10×10 wheat-paste rendition of Laxmi Devkota Prasad, a famous Nepali poet who is the face of this project.

We are a collective group of empowered thinkers, artists, and creators. Our focus is to concentrate our energy on social change and improve our/people’s consciousness, our environment and finally our economy, bringing diversity and opportunity to every level.

It is our goal and vision to begin to unify the people of Nepal through an ensemble of art, poetry and music, to attract like-minded people, people that can focus their energy to create movement and change. We offer a creative solution to Nepal’s struggles and we aspire to do it in a way that benefits the environment and the people.

We want to unite the people of Nepal to make change, real change, not just words. PRASAD is created to empower people, to bring the young and old generation together, and to dissolve the barriers between these generations. We are a mass of empowered, compassionate individuals. Together, and one stone at a time, we can move mountains.

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