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A global network of creative artists and activists collaborating to create new models for sustainable, compassionate, solution-oriented living.
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“Prem” = Love “Mila” = Found

mom-outside-300x225The namesake of LoveFound, Premila Prasad embodies the energy of the Divine Mother. At the ripe age of 20, Premila started the beginning of a lifelong awakening journey with her eldest daughter Priscilla. Together they experience the joys & pains of a mother-daughter relationship which has catalyzed much of their personal growth as strong, independent women of the world. Over the past 25 years, Premila has cultivated a deep appreciation for her connection to her 3 children and continues to grow and expand her awareness as a Mother. Premila has dedicated most of her life to being of service, not only as a mother, but as a daughter, wife, and successful business woman.
Premila started to explore her power as a multi-dimensional healer back in early 2000. She is an energy healer, counselor, soul-coach, and intuitive. Premila has a unique healing style that combines various modalities including but not limited to Matrix Energetics, Vibrational Healing, and accessing the Akashic Records. It is her purest intention to connect individuals to their personal power to embrace Life and all it has to offer. Premila is greatly involved in the development of her daughter Priscilla’s vision for LoveFound and the LoveFound Ashrams, and will be providing support and outreach to marginalized women through her own initiatives, empowering Goddess energy across the globe!
View videos from Premila Prasad’s new show “Jeevan Yatra” (Life’s Journey).
In this episode of Jeevan Yatra, Priscilla Prasad is interviewed.


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