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A global network of creative artists and activists collaborating to create new models for sustainable, compassionate, solution-oriented living.
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Priscilla Prasad
Founder of LoveFound


Creative Visionary, Love Goddess, Karma Yogi, Empowerment Diva & Spiritual Activist.


Priscilla Devi Prasad has spent the last eight years of her life creating and evolving the vision of a global platform that will empower humans around the world through self-awareness, self-development, and self-sustainability.


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The concept of “personal evolution” for “global revolution” surfaced after a life-transforming journey to Nepal where Priscilla first experienced the power of unconditional love and selfless living. Through her worldly travels and humanitarian efforts, Priscilla has expanded her perspective to viewing the world as ONE global family. Seeing this planet as the common ground we all are rooted in, beyond the physical borders and boundaries of the human world, into the deep universal womb of all creation where we are ALL connected. This shift in consciousness has inspired Priscilla to BE THE CHANGE she wants to see in the world. She believes that reality is a reflection of our own human nature. In the achievement of self-realization lies the key to personal power and freedom. When we act from that place of authenticity and self-awareness, our actions naturally empower and inspire one another. It is through this very realization that her passion and purpose came into alignment.

Priscilla spent the first seven years of her adulthood pursuing the “American Dream”. After high school she attended university with plans to obtain a psychology degree, but chose to drop out after her second year, when she realized that she didn’t want to spend the next seven years in school, only to spend the rest of her life paying back her tuition debt! She had been working in sales and retail since she was 14 years old, and established a janitorial company at the age of 19 (following her parents). Accumulating money and material abundance were the primary motives and priorities in her life, but she quickly learned that you can have it all and still have nothing. All the material wealth in the world couldn’t fill the expanding void of disconnection to her Self. The whisperings of her heart begged for something beyond her understanding and ultimately led her to venture beyond her comfort zone and travel to a third world country. Through her service work with underprivileged women and children, Priscilla found a fulfilling channel to express her natural gifts as a positive mentor, creative visionary and empathic healer.

LoveFound was birthed through Priscilla’s own journey of self-awareness, self-development, and self-sustainability. Over the past five years she has traveled to over 15 countries and volunteered with numerous projects and organizations to broaden her own awareness and experience so that she may share the knowledge, resources, and connections with others on her path. LoveFound is steadily evolving into a Global CommUnity Platform for Conscious Living, a hub for grassroots organizations and volunteers to connect through, and an outlet to channel love & creativity as a means to co-create shared-abundance. It is through this platform that Priscilla continues to expand, express, and empower herself along with others, with a special emphasis on supporting orphaned children and marginalized women in developing countries.
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Priscilla is a native of Vancouver, BC (Canada), and spends her summers on the West Coast and her remaining time living and working in Nepal or traveling to other countries to share the love and light through her vision of LoveFound.


Priscilla is a certified Children’s Yoga Teacher, Designer, Entrepreneur and Metaphysical Healer.
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