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Seeds of Change Foundation

“Sustainability with a Reverence for Life”
SOCF logo resize 500x500The Seeds of Change Foundation (SOCF) is a registered nonprofit organization committed to creating tangible change in today’s global society by focusing on environment, education, organic food production, water, fuel, waste management, and quality shelter.
SOCF seeks to create and spread the idea of sustainability to those seeking solutions to fulfilling their day-to-day needs. In all of our projects, we seek to impact the people, community, economy, and environmental effects that have been caused through human mismanagement and waste. We raise and channel financial resources, giving assistance to local nonprofit organizations developing environmentally and socially responsible projects to underdeveloped countries of the world; by focusing on: water conservation/filtration/harvesting, sustainable agriculture, solar energy utilization, and local building materials, methods, and labor.
Lali Gurans Orphanage & Learning Center
Currently, SOCF is developing Lali Gurans, a fully-sustainable, earthquake-proof orphanage & community library in Nepal which is designed to provide for the needs of 70 orphaned children and 12 live-in staff at a minimal operating budget. This will be achieved through creating electricity, clean cooking fuel, using thermal mass for heating and cooling, reducing the amount of electricity needed, water catchment/conservation/recycling/filtration, sustainable food production/organic farming, and alleviating the need to pay rent.
Lali Gurans (Rhododendron) is a sweet medicinal flower, found primarily in Nepal, as well as being Nepal’s national flower. It is a metaphor for what SOCF is trying to accomplish with this project for the people and their community, and hopefully impact their economy.
Visit the official Lali Gurans website here.
***LoveFound first connected with the Seeds of Change Foundation in Nepal in January 2013. Since then, we have teamed-up to tackle the goal of raising the funds needed to complete the Lali Gurans project successfully!
Prakriti Ko Ghar: “House of Nature”
The Seeds of Change Foundation is offering a technical grant to an emerging local Nepali NGO, Prakriti Ko Ghar, which is the implementing agency for the Lali Gurans project. Prakriti Ko Ghar was established to provide more functionality and diversity to Nepal by focusing on waste management, permaculture, bio-gas, natural building/green architecture, natural water filtration, and water catchment. They construct simple, low maintenance systems to offer the people the ability to become more self- sufficient and reduce the cost of their day-to-day needs.
Aside from PKG helping us to spread sustainable knowledge and being the organization that will take over and operate the Lali Gurans project, SOCF and PKG are also creating an organic farm that is not too far from the Lali Gurans project site. Food will be produced at the farm to supplement the dietary needs of the orphanage, as the Lali Gurans land is too small to produce wheat, rice, soy, milk, etc.
LoveFound is actively seeking volunteers who can support PKG in areas of environmental educational curriculum development, waste management, composting, water catchment/conservation/filtration, and sustainable agriculture (permaculture).
SOCF receives Silver Award from Holcim International in 2014 for Sustainable Design

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