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Sacred Seeds Collection

The Sacred Seeds Collection is a unique line of hand-crafted copper pendants showcasing Sacred Geometry (universal patterns) that have been infused with healing mantra and positive intentions by Elder Gyan Shakya (Nepali/Tibetan craftsman) and Priscilla Devi Prasad (Designer/Lightworker). This collection was specifically created to raise funds for the Seeds of Change sustainable orphanage building project in Nepal. By purchasing this sacred hand-crafted mandala jewelry, you are helping to sow the “seeds of change” in establishing the very first fully-sustainable, seismic-resistant orphanage, open-source library, and permaculture farm for 70 of the poorest orphaned children in Nepal. The materials and craftsmanship for this jewelry are sourced in Nepal, supporting local developing artisans under Gyan Shakya’s instructions and supervision. He has been crafting jewelry and sacred statues for over 40 years and his art and personal experience have taken him around the world and back again to Nepal with his plans to retire and become a mentor and instructor for local youth who are interested in metal work and crafting arts. In the future, we hope to be enrolling some of the women and youth we are working with under the mentorship and guidance of Elder Gyan Shakya.


Our intention behind creating the Sacred Seeds Collection is to share the healing vibration of love, connectivity, unity, equality, balance, and the many other concepts, qualities and ideals that Sacred Geometry demonstrates and represents so beautifully. Each ‘seed‘ emits a unique frequency through it’s shape and pattern that have been attuned with the healing vibrations and positive intentions/prayers to bring healing, opening, and awakening to not only the individual wearing it, but also to anyone who lays eyes on it! The Sacred Seeds Collection is manifesting healing on all levels, for those who wear the pendants, and for those we are supporting through the purchase of these pendants!


We have created this jewelry collection to reflect the concept of Sacred Commerce, and the prices listed online are a minimum pledge suggestion that would cover the costs of material and labor, with a fair profit that is divided 80/20, with 80% going directly to the Seeds of Change Foundation and the remaining 20% is shared between the designer (%10) and LoveFound (10%). We encourage you to take this into consideration when making your purchase, and honor what you can afford by donating an amount that reflects your value and belief in our vision for the Sacred Seeds initiative!   With Love, Namaste


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