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A global network of creative artists and activists collaborating to create new models for sustainable, compassionate, solution-oriented living.
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Rachel Dyan aka Gypsy, LoveFound’s first volunteer

“My life path changed when I traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal with LoveFound in November of 2012. I was there to volunteer, helping establish LoveFound and spend time at a local orphanage. With my hula hoop in tow, I actually learned about another organization called World Hoop Day – promoting world peace through hooping and giving those who are less fortunate the gift of hooping. While it seemed so simple at the time, I didn’t realize how much my life would change because of this. Hula hooping promotes peace, happiness, and health. I became an ambassador for this organization and made it my goal to donate hoops while in Kathmandu. Through LoveFound, I discovered my passion for hula hooping. I was able to purchase and tape hoops in Kathmandu that eventually found their way to some local kids, as well as an orphanage. I realized that changing the world doesn’t mean I have to become a doctor who saves lives, or a carpenter who builds houses. Doing your part to change the world can be as simple as…hula hooping. And it took traveling half way around the world, removing myself from the comforts of home, and placing myself in a role of service to others, to come to that realization. I now own my own hooping business –Hoops by Gypsy– and continue to reach goals of donating more hoops to those in need.”

Rachel Dyan aka Gypsy; Winipeg, MB Canada

Priscilla Prasad and Jamileh Hargraves

“The opportunity to assist this global-community based network is a multifaceted gift that emerged during my travels in North America in 2014. At 22, I am currently a Melbourne / Vancouver-based student, writer, and artist completing a degree in Creative and Professional Writing, and a graduate diploma in International and Foreign Aid at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. As such, this inspiring relationship with LoveFound coincides with ambitions for a progressive, international community platform that successfully empowers people around the world. LoveFound and my relationship with Priscilla Devi Prasad merges the creative and healing avenues of conscious living and healing community that I have been seeking. I connected to LoveFound during a transformational yoga festival in Oregon, USA in the summer of 2014, and continued to support and engage with community events in Canada until my return to Australia in late November. I am currently assisting with organisational development and building awareness to expand and connect our communities across the world. This experience in community fundraising events throughout 2014 in Vancouver with Priscilla has proven to be an amazing addition to my travels in North America. I am inspired to continue these initiatives on behalf of LoveFound in New Zealand and Australia for further empowerment in community around the world. Love & Gratitude!”

Jamileh Hargraves; Melbourne, Australia

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