LoveFound | Volunteer Opportunities
A global network of creative artists and activists collaborating to create new models for sustainable, compassionate, solution-oriented living.
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Volunteer Opportunities

handsWe are currently building a database of legitimate grassroots organizations and projects that support the positive evolution of our world through education, environmental awareness & sustainability, social justice, and empowerment for marginalized communities.
Unlike most volunteer programs, we do not charge money for our services; and, the only commitment you will be making is one to yourself to SHOW UP and BE IN SERVICE FROM THE HEART.
We take pride in helping you plan an experience that will hopefully transform your life, as well as those you are supporting! We encourage people from all walks of life to volunteer and participate in selfless service; and, we look forward to sharing opportunities of all sorts from different parts of the world.
We invite you to consider the multitude of skills, talents, and contributions you personally have to offer so that we can assist you in making this experience unique, rewarding, and deeply fulfilling.
Browse our growing registry of volunteer opportunities; and, contact them directly for more information on how you can be in service! If you are interested in volunteering directly with LoveFound, please email us at
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